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Story Tutorials on YouTube

Do you spend significant time preparing presentations only to feel like the audience didn't retain anything? At Wearrative we believe that using story increases the engagement of your audience, decreases your preparation time and makes you and your subject matter more interesting! To help adopt story in the many ways we communicate we created two types of YouTube tutorials. Presentation Stories demonstrates how to use story in presentations. Story Slide is a collection of leadership object lessons that can be used in your presentation or even your team meetings. 

Here is to great stories!


Presentation Stories demonstrates, in multiple situations, how to use story to your advantage. We do this for multiple audiences, using all types of tools and objectives. If you are looking for helpful tips on how to be your best for any presentation, check this series out!


Leadership Object Lessons is a video series where we teach key leadership lessons  using objects to help demonstrate the key takeaways. These videos not only help us demonstrate our messages but help you discuss them with your colleagues and teams.