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Wearrative was started by Lisa and Chris Moore in Denver, Colorado in early 2017 after 25+ years in cancer diagnostics and regenerative medicine. It has been an incredible experience, and although our mission is to help others share the power of story, it didn't seem right not to share our story as well. We apologize ahead of time for the rambling, spelling errors and bad grammar. After all, it's sometimes the imperfections that make story great. Subscribe here to be notified of the latest and greatest from Wearrative.


Radical Inclusion

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Let me tell you a story,

I can’t tell you the exact source of it, but I was raised to believe that in achieving greatness you carry all the supplies you need in your backpack and keep your head down until you reach the top. Maybe it was my father who was a strong introvert. It could have been my training in endurance sports, let’s face it, it is not easy to find people to ride 100+ miles with you. Regardless, I carried with me for 30 years the idea that to win, you individually had to have all of the pieces and parts that would be called upon.

Oh my, how thankful I am that my life has corrected that wobbly wheel.

I am far from perfect, but it has been a lesson that I try to celebrate daily, that, …” by relinquishing control you can preserve power*.” In other words, the power to achieve something great does not have to lie solely on my shoulders. In fact, it is so much easier to rely on the gifts of those around you.

I find that this can be a dichotomy that is not readily accepted in entrepreneurship. In many circles, the grind is celebrated as a real mark of an entrepreneur. Do it all and make it scar your journey. When you accept the gifts of others over the expectation of carrying the weight yourself, a window of power is opened that brings a warm, calm wind of ease. And then it brings real achievement. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t have the budgets to hire everyone for everything, but it takes only a few stumbles to see your most significant opportunity to leverage someone else’s strength.

When we teach the power of story, it is not solely the story of me. It is the story of them and the story of us. Obsessing more about THEIR story more will bring more power to yours.

On 6-March, one of my favorite people, General Martin Dempsey will release his new book, Radical Inclusion. In it, he teaches that “...to preserve power, you must relinquish control…” and I can not wait to read it. Want to learn more, go here.

General Dempsey has been an influential teacher of storytelling for me as we talked about in this video. Check it out here.

Here is to great stories and #RadicalInclusion