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Wearrative was started by Lisa and Chris Moore in Denver, Colorado in early 2017 after 25+ years in cancer diagnostics and regenerative medicine. It has been an incredible experience, and although our mission is to help others share the power of story, it didn't seem right not to share our story as well. We apologize ahead of time for the rambling, spelling errors and bad grammar. After all, it's sometimes the imperfections that make story great. Subscribe here to be notified of the latest and greatest from Wearrative.


The Door of History Swings on Small Hinges

I have a story to tell you,

I have heard this quote, “...the door of history swings on small hinges...,” for some time and it never really made sense to me. At first I over analyzed it and thought, well, large and heavy doors need large hinges so why use weak hinges? Then, I turned my thinking to how bad the analogy is because a door only uses like 3 hinges, and my history has many more than that, so that makes no sense. For a guy who tells stories for a living, you would think I wouldn’t have such a hard time with this.

Then, this past weekend, we took our first vacation in a while and spent a weekend in Snowmass, Colorado for the balloon festival. There is something special about hot air balloons. It is not just their color, their sizes or their seemingly gravity defying magical powers. To me there is something metaphorical about their free spirits. After all there is a reason they have chase cars. You have to chase balloons. Imagine a sport where you got in your car in the morning but you had no idea how much gas was in the tank. Whereever it ran out, well, thats where you will be for awhile until hopefully someone finds you and can help you out. And, by the way, you chose to play this game with your complete free will.  

This weekend not only did we get to see this for two beautiful, early, rocky mountain fall mornings, but we also got to go to a concert where the balloons accompanied the music. We did this last year and had a blast. The balloons were magical. This year a light rainstorm moved in and the balloons were not able to set up. In fact, we were not sure we would see the show at all. 30 minutes before the concert began, the clouds started to part and the night was perfect. Even though the balloons were not up, the baskets surrounded the grass field where the stage was and they would light their burners along with the music. It was magical. Not only did we have great weather, great environment, great music, but we had this magical balloon-inspired-fire-show. Magical.

We danced like crazy, waited for balloon animals and soaked up each second. It was, just like last year, the highlight of my year to date. Spending a night like that with the people you love is the most magical of experiences. It was a small hinge.

I know our boys will look back on these trips with excitement. It will help them embrace the mountains, maintain positive attitudes in bad weather, embrace meeting new people on gondolas, celebrate art, stay in awe of free-spirited hobbies and love doing all of that with family. It is a small hinge that will swing a very big door.

Here is to great stories,