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Wearrative was started by Lisa and Chris Moore in Denver, Colorado in early 2017 after 25+ years in cancer diagnostics and regenerative medicine. It has been an incredible experience, and although our mission is to help others share the power of story, it didn't seem right not to share our story as well. We apologize ahead of time for the rambling, spelling errors and bad grammar. After all, it's sometimes the imperfections that make story great. Subscribe here to be notified of the latest and greatest from Wearrative.


Do Not Recoil

Let me tell you a story,

In “Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul” Mrs. B. Bartlett tells a story about the long walks along the railroad tracks that she and her husband use to take when they were young and struggling to make ends meet. In those days, they could barely afford food and clothing for their children.

One day, while holding hands on their walk, they heard a train approaching. Her husband ran up to the railroad tracks and placed a penny on them. That evening, he drilled a hole in the flattened penny and attached it to a bracelet with this note, “This is so you always remember our walks together.”

Mr. Bartlett died years later, but Mrs. Bartlett shared this, “All I have to do is hold my penny in my arthritic hands and I have him and that day all over again.”

I am late again with this blog because I have been soul-deep in a new project. This project has taken me whole-soul out of my comfort zone and challenged me creatively in ways I had hoped would happen, but had no idea would challenging me so mentally. I am only a few weeks from sharing the project with you, but I promise it is worth the wait.

So what’s with the title and story? Well, I think it is a great metaphor for being out of your comfort zone. Many times in this process I have recognized my discomfort and wanted to recoil away from it. I have wanted to find reasons why I should find something else to work on. Yet, I can say that as the dust has started to settle, the final product is really starting to take shape and be wonderful. Make no mistake, there are still times that my fear can really convince me to turn the car around. However, I have faced that demon down and really begun to embrace the magic that comes from breaking down the discomfort. Not only that, but finding yourself soul-deep in confusion forces you to challenge core beliefs and connect with friends in new ways. These new connections allow you to see the influence of life in new ways.  

My take away… don’t recoil from the fear. Use that fear to make new memories much like Mr. Bartlett used a charging, loud train to make a life-long memory out of something as ordinary as a penny. I can almost guarantee that it is the lack of challenging the fear in our lives that we aren’t able to look at things like pennies in a more original way. Don’t recoil from the fear.

Here is to great stories,