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Wearrative was started by Lisa and Chris Moore in Denver, Colorado in early 2017 after 25+ years in cancer diagnostics and regenerative medicine. It has been an incredible experience, and although our mission is to help others share the power of story, it didn't seem right not to share our story as well. We apologize ahead of time for the rambling, spelling errors and bad grammar. After all, it's sometimes the imperfections that make story great. Subscribe here to be notified of the latest and greatest from Wearrative.


Let's Tell a Story Together

My two favorite things to do (besides playing with the kids and summer date nights in the Jeep) are creating and telling stories. I have been told that my love for telling stories comes from being from the South. I am not sure what that has to do with anything, but I AM from the South AND I love telling stories so… 

Over the past 15 years I have had the opportunity to speak an infinite number of times. Over that time I have often wondered why giving a PowerPoint has excited me. Then one day I watched General Martin Dempsey present to an audience of >200 by using a single picture. It was one of the best presentations I have ever seen. He had mastered the art of storytelling and used his PowerPoint to do the one thing he couldn't fully explain to his audience - the expression on the faces of two soldiers in battle. His presentation helped me realize that it was not “giving a powerpoint” that I loved, it was the storytelling.  

After seeing the true role of PowerPoint in complementing the story and not driving it - I realized that my preparation could (and should) focus on the story. That allowed me to focus more on my audience and less on my font choice. I could think deeper about the emotional journey and less about the agenda. This change in style allowed me to focus on taking people on the story arc and creating a memorable experience. I have been able to explore this with different topics and audiences and the outcomes from focusing on the story - and not the “deck” - are always the best. 

We are exploring an idea that the next phase of Wearrative would be a video tutorial / VLOG series on how to tell great stories to different audiences (executives, students, community) using different tools (PowerPoint, whiteboard, object lessons). Each episode would take a major topic (e.g. introductions, handling nerves, short deadlines) and offer examples on how to handle these topics with the different audiences and tools. We would target the videos to be <5 minutes each - short and sweet.

So, what do you think about that? Would it be helpful? Are we missing something? We would love to know your thoughts!

Here is to great stories,