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Wearrative was started by Lisa and Chris Moore in Denver, Colorado in early 2017 after 25+ years in cancer diagnostics and regenerative medicine. It has been an incredible experience, and although our mission is to help others share the power of story, it didn't seem right not to share our story as well. We apologize ahead of time for the rambling, spelling errors and bad grammar. After all, it's sometimes the imperfections that make story great. Subscribe here to be notified of the latest and greatest from Wearrative.


Stand Up Inside and Be All In

Is there such a thing as crossing the chasm in apparel and storytelling? 

In technology crossing the chasm is the lull in the product adoption curve where the innovators and early adopters have bought and it's time to really execute on your marketing strategy. From my experiences in medical devices, it is the point where things get interesting. It is at the chasm where you get to see if your strategy is going to work and if your product has any real staying power. 

A social media strategy was always in the books for Wearrative. After all, we are on a mission to change the way people share stories. That is not an easy thing to do by only selling at the Golden, Colorado farmers market. Thanks to CoSchedule and others we have mapped out our social calendar. We have our jabs and right hooks ready and its time to put ourselves out there. It is time to make a leap of faith across the chasm. This blog post is the first at Wearrative and our strategy is to continue with at least two per week to tell our story to the world and create fellowship around what we are trying to accomplish - change the way people share stories. 

In a men's church meeting last Sunday our teacher presented a talk called, "Stand Up Inside and Be All In". In that talk multiple stories are shared about being "all in" not just in your faith but in your commitment to your goals and talents. Here was one of my favorites stories from the talk,

When my dad was 90, we were in an airport and I asked him if I could get him a wheelchair. He said, “No, Gary—maybe when I get old.” And then he added, “Besides, if I get tired of walking, I can always run.” If we are not able to be “all in” the way we are presently walking, then maybe we need to run; maybe we need to recalculate our route. We might even need to make a U-turn. We might need to study more intently, pray more earnestly, or just let some things go so we can hang on to those things that really matter. We may need to let go of the world so we can hang on to eternity.

While I do not want to draw too strong of a line between our social media strategy and religion, I do want to express an "all in" analogy to our commitment to Wearrative and being willing to run, make a U-turn and even hand over our preferences for yours! After all, this is going to be a team effort.

Here is to a great future of storytelling!

Chris Moore
June, 2017