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How do you satisfy the hustlers?

Photo by  gn dim  on  Unsplash

Photo by gn dim on Unsplash

Let me tell you a story,

A friend of mine, who is a successful entrepreneur, said this to me on Sunday, “Entrepreneurs are really bad employees, because they know this world is not as scary as everyone thinks.” I have thought about that for the past two days and wondered about its truth. In other words, how can you satisfy the hustlers?

It all seems to come back to action and progress. Shakespeare says, “Action is eloquence.” The more people I meet who have started their own businesses, there seems to be a common fire in them that yearns to do things differently. I am sure this is not a universal truth, but to find your inner hustle is to embrace and bring to life your call-to-action. Maybe that gets manifested in starting a business. Maybe it is becoming an activist. Maybe it is being a great parent. Whichever it is, that fire roars on the kindling of accomplishment that at one time was intimidating. Success is taking the subsequent warmth and using it to power even a few more minutes of work.

Burning your fears with accomplishment (success or failure) as an investment in furthering yourself again and again - that is the hustle.

I have something I call toddler elbow which is the enormous pain that has developed in my right elbow from carrying my kids so much. It’s from carrying them on hikes to vistas I can’t wait to share with them. It is carrying them on freezing cold dog-walks because they want to be with me no matter what I am doing (and I love that). It is the pain from repeated workouts with heavier weights because they are getting heavier and I have to keep up to keep them up in my arms. There are days where my elbow hurts so bad I cringe all day. I secretly love this pain because it is symbolic of the warmth of the accomplishment of raising great kids. Even better, it is only part of the wounds of our specific hustle in raising great kids.  

We need to empower more hustle. Train more hustle. Embrace the hustle, feed its fire and watch the progress as we warm the world with its accomplishments.

Here is to great stories,