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Leap of Faith

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Leap of Faith Storypin

What was the moment you knew you had to go for it? Why? How did it all work out? Who were you before the leap and who are you now?

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Chris Moore, 
Co-Founder, Wearrative

The inspiration for this pin came from starting Wearrative. After 15 years in cancer diagnostics and regenerative medicine moving to apparel and media was (and still is) a giant leap of faith. Especially with two young boys. 

Jim Koch, 
Founder, Samuel Adams

In 1984, Jim Koch felt suffocated by his cushy but boring corporate job. So he left, dusted off an old family beer recipe, started Sam Adams, and helped kickstart the craft beer movement in America. This podcast was one of the last signs I needed before I made the leap of faith. Jim's definition of risk changed my entire perspective (go to 7:30).  

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