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Journey is the Reward, Etched in Redwood

Journey is the Reward, Etched in Redwood

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The Journey is the Reward #storypin. Etched in Redwood with three different types of backing. The Redwood chosen for the project is a heartwood call Clear All.  The three back options are: 1) Magnet, 2) Bar pin, 3) Tie tack. The magnet option is best when you do not want to put a hole in the fabric. The four magnets are very strong, but can be separated if hit from the side (e.g. holding a wiggling toddler). The bar pin is best for when you do not want the pin to rotate, yet it will put two small holes in your fabric. The tie tack is like the back of an earring. It will create a small hole and is able to rotate. The #storypin is $14 with the bar pin or tie tack back. The #storypin is $19 with magnetic back. The #storypin is roughly 1 inch tall by 1.25 inch wide (2.5cm by 3.2cm). 

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