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Lungevity: HOPE

HOPE Storyband

HOPE Storyband


HOPE storyband. 30% of the proceeds of this storyband goes to help lung cancer research. This storyband has the word “HOPE” on it with the LUNGevity logo on each side. The logo symbolizes each side of our lungs and our diaphragm. This storyband is etched in our Des Moines leather (light) with silver snaps and it is an 1.5 inches wide. Because this storyband is 1.5 inches wide the sizing is slightly different from our 1 inch storybands. This storyband comes in two sizes: small (8.5 inches long) and medium (9.5 inches long). The small size is great for small wrists and the medium size is great for larger wrists or if you want to wear the band above a watch or other accessories. Please see sizing chart in the images for additional sizing help. The leather has been sealed to protect it in all conditions. 

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